Paolo Fornasier

Paolo Fornasier

Compositore per film


Musica applicata - Musica per l'Immagine e per il teatro
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Paolo Fornasier

Compositore per film

Studi e Formazione

  • 2014 - 2018

    Laurea Triennale in Musica Elettronica ad Indirizzo Audiovisivo

    Milano - Civica Scuola di Musica "C.Abbado"
  • 2006 - 2016

    Diploma di Composizione (Tradizionale - Vecchio Ordinamento)

    Milano - Conservatorio "G.Verdi"
  • 2013 - 2014

    Masterclass in Musica per Film

    Siena - Accademia Chigiana
  • 2000 - 2013

    Diploma di Pianoforte (Tradizionale - Vecchio Ordinamento)

    Venezia - Conservatorio "B.Marcello"


Paolo Fornasier (born 9.29.1992), is an Italian composer, pianist and producer.
He demonstrated musical talent already in his earliest days, when he started composing, playing and improvising with music, showing a marked inclination for the voice pitch, sense of rhythm and musical creativity and a great interest in the world of the sounds of music as well, which immediately led him to start composing his own pieces.

He started studying piano with the teacher L. Iop in Belluno.
In 2011 he graduated from Grammar school , Liceo Classico in Belluno, while attending Conservatory as well.
In 2013 He got a Master Degree in Piano, with M°D.Donaudi at the Conservatory in Venice, where he attended also one year of Conductorship studies and started Composition studies.
In 2016, at the age of 23, he got the Master Degree in Composition at the Milan Conservatory “G.Verdi”, with M°M.Bertola.
In 2018 he got a bachelor in Electronic Music for Audiovisuals (Film Scoring), graduating with honors.

Paolo produces many different music genres, from classical to pop, from electronic to piano solo, from film music to songs, and plays his vast repertoire in concerts and events for almost 10 years.
2005 - At the age of 12 he composed and then performed, live, the theme music of the book of fables "L’ippopotamo dalla pelle sottile e i suoi
amici" (the Hippopotamus with thin skin and his friends) by the author Beatrice Da Vià, published together with the CD in October 2005 by Circolo Cultura e Stampa in Belluno.
2010 - at the age of 17, he recorded a record for solo piano, "Ritmo di idee", a collection of some compositions for piano, all composed by him.
2012 - it came out his second record, "Proemio", presented on October 14h at the Comunal Theater of Belluno, where his musical talent came out even more to the fore: In this he presented multi instrumental pieces, orchestral, instrumental, symphonic, film type and modern, with hints of jazz, blues, rock and a lot more, composed, arranged, played and completely recorded by himself with electric piano and computer and without any help from pre- recorded parts, to which he is firmly opposed.
2012-2013 - he composed the soundtrack of the film "Abisso", carried out by the association "BellunoCiak" and by the film director F. Fontana.
He has also composed the soundtrack of the short film "Se son rose..." by A.Padovani.
2014 - he re-arranged the pieces of the comedy "Barefoot in the park" by Neil Simon for a radio transmission and he realized the soundtrack of the short film "La bicicletta Rubata" by A.Padovani.

2015 - he gave birth to the soundtrack of the film "Storia del tempo inutile", a Belluno Ciak production directed by F. Fontana. He continued working on the realization of many short-film soundtracks, like for the A.D'Onghia production "Buono per gli occhi", or "Giulia" by N. De Bon, or videos created by "Associazione Bellunesi nel mondo" and "Associazione Cucchini ONLUS".
2016 - he’s been asked to take part in the "Locarno Film Festival 2016", where he played in a short film together with the 3 times Oscar winner Howard Shore, Canadian composer of famous film soundtracks such as "The Lord of the Rings", "Mrs.Doubtfire", "The silence of the lambs", "Spotlight", "The aviator", "Hugo Cabret", and many others.
2017 - Composed the soundtrack of short animation movie “Puppet Love” by D.Lai, performed on the occasion of the concert event “Notti Trasfigurate” in Milan. He composed the soundtrack of the theatrical piece “Function Study On Mother’s Body”, directed by I.Treggiari and produced by Milan “P.Grassi” Academy for Theatre, performed and played live in “Franco Parenti” theatre in Milan.
2018 - Created the soundtrack for the short movie “Storie per Affreschi”, directed by N. De Bon. He composed the original soundtrack for the theatrical piece “Elettra”, directed by D. Nicosia and produced by Tib Teatro, premiered in the renowned Olympic Theatre in Vicenza.
2019 - He was invited in Paris for an artist-in residence as a composer at the Italian Cultural Institute, doing several concerts in Paris and Lyon.
He launched a new project using the pseudonym “Pauliverse”, which is the most modern, hybrid and electronic part of Paolo Fornasier’s music world, that blends together his many different musical universes through past, present and future. Pauliverse is the result of years of classical-academic music training combined with the younger love for electronic music, sound design and soundtracks. Paolo’s feelings, worlds and thoughts melt together profound and intimate piano lines, open harmonies, noises, synth waves, orchestras, varied rhythms, world sounds, carrying the listener into boundless spaces and imaginary emotional journeys.
Under this name he is about to release “Transmissions”, a new album which will see the light on the first months of 2020.
Paolo continues working as a soundtracks composer for theatre, short videos, films and media, in parallel with his producer career and concerts.
Several Paolo's compositions are used as musical soundtracks of many advertising videos and he's often asked to develop musical arrangements for songs or to compose the musical part in videos or other performances.

At 7 years old he had his first public performance with his first own composition, "Paolo Jazz". He followed on with "Mew" , "Caro papa", "Natale Colorato", "Jack il folletto", "Vecchio west", "Improvviso", "Risonanze medievali", "La Pantera" and many other smaller compositions to carry out at every event right up to "Arizona" in 2004, with a more elaborate and complete structure.
In October 2009 he took part in the manifestation "Oltre le Vette" elaborating and playing the music for the presentation of the book
"Il cammino delle Dolomiti": is for that occasion that he composed "Sunny", a piece of uncontainable energy, "Angels", inspired and dedicated to the victims in the mountains and especially dedicated to the crew of the Suem Helicopter "Falco" and an improvised accompaniment to the projected pictures and to the texts.
Since 2006, he accompanies playing the organ the ensemble Calycanthus Concentus conducted by Raffaella Benori, in many Christmas and Summer concerts in different parts of the Province and Trentino Alto Adige, also as a solist and composer. Among his pieces played on these occasions we should remember "Ave Maria" (2006) and a piece composed on a poem by Pope John Paul 2nd, for piano, four voices and solo contralto, entirely sung in Polish (2011). His "Ave Maria" for voice and piano (or organ) was much esteemed, modified later in a version for two sopranos, contralto, baritone, bass and organ was carried out for the first time in July 2006 in a sacred music concert in Val Badia.
From 2010 he continues to have many recitals and concerts to his name, concerts in which he performs his music and speaks/interacts with the audience, carrying out at their request. On July 2015 in Udine he had the pleasure to play and improvise next to the famous jazz musician Chick Corea, during a concert of his; he remembers it as one of the greatest moments in his life.

In 2009, he won the first prize, Primo Premio Assoluto, with a bursary at the International Competition, Concorso Internazionale "Onde Sonore" (modern piano category) presenting his two new compositions: "Ritmo di Idee" and "Shine Medley".
Right after that he elaborated the musical compendium to the book "il Brutto Anatroccolo" (the Ugly Duckling), a book for dyslexic children by Gabriella Sperotto, who presented the work as a thesis for a three years degree course in Graphics and Design with a mark of 110 with honours.
In May 2011 he won the first prize, Primo Premio, in the competition "Made in Belluno", a competition for young talents from Belluno from
the ages 15 to 35.
In May 2012, he carried out his own composition "GreenNotes Theme" for clarinet and piano (adaptation for middle school students), where he won the first prize, Primo Premio, at the national competition "E. Zingarelli”.

In 2013 he attended a Music Composition for Film Masterclass at the renowned “Chigiana Academy” in Siena (IT), with M° Luis Bacalov (Academy Award for best soundtrack 1996), from whom he got a prestigious merit scolarship.

After several stages of auditions, on November 2013, Paolo won the award for the best pianist in the “Tour Music Fest”, an international competition for emerging musicians, playing in the final at the “Piper Club” in Rome, assigned by a jury headed by Mogol and formed by session musicians of many Italian artists, arrangers, and record producers of majors such as Sony and Universal.
in August 2014 he attended again the masterclass in film music at the Accademia Chigiana in Siena, with Maestro Luis Bacalov.
In 2016 he received a special note among the finalists of the international composition competition "Ravel".

2017/2018 - Music professor at “Music School MC” in Milan. Subjects taught: Music Theory, Harmony, Composition, Piano, Modern Piano, Improvisation, Ear Training, Music Technologies, Producing.
2016/… - Private music professor.
Subjects: Piano (beginners to advanced), Composition, Orchestration, Production (electronic/pop/etc.), Music Theory, Music History, Harmony, Improvisation, Modern Piano and Accompaniment, Virtual Orchestration, Logic Pro X and Music Technology (Finale, Sibelius etc.), Ear Training.

In a continuous state of creative ferment, he devoted himself to daily pieces and any kind of arrangements, from pieces for instruments only to symphonic and film themes, from Blues to Pop etc discovering a remarkable gift for extemporising.
Now he is working at his many plans and projects, which feature theme music for films, videoclips, taking part in competitions, concerts, the creation of new compositions which continues nonstop, and so much more. He says about himself: “I Love music because when I live it, I play and enjoy myself unaffectedly as if it were ‘she’ guiding me. For me at the first place there is and will always be Music.”
He thinks that technical-knowledge, musicality and music versatility are some of the best qualities a composer should have nowadays, especially if he wants to make music for media.